Business Development & Growth Advisory

Strategic Advisory

  • Brand Strategy, Brand Equity, Brand positioning and
  • Brand remodelling
  • Market & Industrial Segment Analysis
  • Analysis of competitive positioning and Gap Analysis (TO-BE vs AS-IS)
  • Assistance in implementation and communication planning

Innovation Advisory

  • Analysis of innovation capability (people, company organization, processes, business model, Brand Equity, information flows and data banks)
  • Presentation and / or Workshop on applied innovation and success stories
  • Development support of innovation generation model (innovation culture, people training, “Innovation-gen” process, interfacing to the operations processes)
  • Assistance in implementation and communication planning

Executive/Operational Advisory

  • Developmet support of operating model
  • Development support of long-term business and industrial plan
  • Development support of annual operating plan
  • Development support of sales network and channels organization or reorganization
  • Activity support of new geographic markets, new areas of business and start-ups

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